Solitude Farm Organic Café welcomes you to come and discover a diversity of traditional South Indian dishes using indigenous grains and dhals, local vegetables, spices, herbs and fruits. It is a zero food-miles restaurant where ingredients are harvested from the fields just meters away.

The Solitude Café has evolved as a natural extension of the farm. The café started in 2007, serving simple lunches that were cooked on a reservation basis. As of November 2013, the café has
 officially opened to the public – it runs 6 days a week (closed
 Sundays) from 9 AM to 3.30 PM serving breakfast, lunch, drinks, smoothies
 and desserts.
Organic Produce:
Our dream is a healthy community eating the freshest, delicious and most nutritious food without hormones, chemicals or additives.   Upto 
90% of the food we serve is made up of our own farm produce, grown organically and with love, harvested daily for the café.
Our café serves simple,
holistic food with a strong traditional tamil influence. The 
ingredients we use such as red rice, ragi, varagu (millet), toor dal,
our seasonal organic fruits and vegetables reflect those that have been grown
for hundreds of years on this land. 

Our Philosophy:
The café reflects the farm’s philosophy that we, the land and the bio-diversity of plant, animal and insect life surrounding us are
interconnected. We feel that simple, nutritious food grown, harvested 
and eaten at the same location is best for our body and soul. We hope that in coming to the farm and eating our beautiful food you also 
leave with a deeper understanding of these connections.
The café works as a community centre, an ever-evolving, dynamic space where people can grab a quick bite or linger over a meal, learn about the farm and its activities and participate in various events that take place over the week.
Reflecting the farm’s ethos, we are creating ‘community through food’ with events and activities, including educational cooking and permaculture workshops, live music, and more.
The café aims to be affordable for all, with a range of food catering to differing budgets and needs. There are lunch schemes for the community, discounts for CSA members, and other possibilities for those who resonate with our ethos but cannot participate financially.