People Food Music 2018 European Tour

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What is People Food Music?

People food music is the essence of Krishna McKenzie’s 25 years’ experience in The International Township of Auroville. Inspired by the Japanesse Zen master and farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka, he started Solitude Farm in Janurary 1996 and has demonstrated that simply by honouring organic matter, (leaves, weeds, branches) the soil has taken on a wonderful fertility, which can also be called Mother Nature, Gaia, Patchamama, Bhoomi Dev ( as she is known in India) and many other names. By honouring her gifts, that is to say Local Food, many projects have emerged from the farm, like the organic cafe, a basket service, seed bank, nursery, education, festivals and, most importantly, celebration as the golden key of Permaculture. Honouring each other’s creativity, valuing community, recognising that music and arts are the adhesive that binds our communities together : this is People Food Music.


For our survival he urgently advocates that we RETRACE THE STEPS TO NATURAL CULTURE.

A society which doesn’t know where its food comes from is a society without culture.

We must honour the diversity of nature and celebrate how nature provides our food and medicine.

Reconnecting with where our food comes from affects everything – nutrition, health, economy, ecology, community and culture. Our survival depends on finding the way back to nature and the divinity of the soil.

Simply allow nature to take its course. Leave nature alone and she will work in the way she knows best, resulting in better food, enhanced cultural identity, and improved ecology and economy. Our primary wealth is the land, community and culture.

Celebrate nature, where we reclaim our birthright and our right to life. We find our true selves in nature.

When we invest in retracing the steps to natural culture, we’re investing in our own culture. Let’s take steps NOW to improve our lives today, and as an investment in the future.

Krishna McKenzie’s Solitude Farm is an example of HOW to do that, how to collect seeds, develop permaculture, prepare and enjoy organic food, educate, and celebrate. For the last 25 years British-born Krishna has been living his dream in India. Now, with his wife Deepa and their two children, he is sharing his passion and inspiration with audiences in Europe for the first time.

People Food Music 2018 European Tour

people food music 2018People Food Music 2018 is an invitation to explore food, ecology, community, celebration and culture. Our world is in crisis and most of our problems stem from the loss of our relationship with Mother Earth. One symptom is that we no longer know where our food comes from.

Krishna McKenzie shares his experiences from the last 25 years in Auroville, South India, establishing and running a permaculture farm, organic cafe, community music festivals, education projects and re-valuing local food and culture. He gives an engaging talk showing photos from Solitude Farm, and music from his repertoire with his successful band Emergence.

Krishna makes practical suggestions how we can immediately retrace the steps to natural culture, including:

  • Setting up shared neighbourhood gardens to grow organic fruit and vegetables
  • Foraging for local natural foods and medicines (Richard Mabey’s Food for Free has been republished)
  • Preparing dinner together once a week or month with friends and neighbours as a community
  • Making jam together with friends and neighbours as a community
  • Turning public spaces into gardens
  • Foraging for nettles to make soup together

Krishna gives examples showing how we can create a network for collecting and distributing organic seeds, establishing local organic permaculture, and educating on the importance of reconnecting with and honouring nature.

We each have infinite power to create and live our dreams, but over the last decades society and education systems have moved further away from nature – the results are clear to us all. It’s time for change. We can find our way back step by step – Let’s do it now!

If the venue is suitable, Krishna and his wife Deepa can offer examples of their delicious vegan south Indian cuisine.

FOOD PEOPLE MUSIC – retracing the steps to natural culture – can offer:
people food music 2018

  1. Krishna’s inspirational talk about retracing the steps to natural culture, including a taste of his nature-celebrating music.
  2. Media interviews with Krishna about People Food Music – retracing the steps to natural culture.
  3. Examples of organic Indian vegan food celebrating nature.
  4. Performances of Krishna’s music.
  5. Krishna’s wife Deepa can demonstrate examples of south Indian culture, including Henna and Kolam.
  6. Workshops in vegan south Indian cuisine.
  7. Workshops in natural farming and permaculture.
  8. Krishna’s services as a consultant to interested communities.

Sponsors, donations, bookings and media interviews and features are welcome.

Please contact Krishna’s team with suggestions.

If you would like to help fund Krishna’s 2018 European Tour with his family, please donate here


People Food Music Tour Itinerary and Dates (Help create it!)


South West 14-24 June 2018

Friday 15 June 2018, 4 pm, Trelay Farm, Bude, Cornwall (tbc)

Sunday 17 June 2018, 11 am, Tapeley Park, Bideford, Devon (tbc)

Wednesday 20 June 2018, 7 pm, Bristol (tbc)

Saturday 23 June 2018, 7 pm, Exeter (tbc)


South East



Ile d’Oleron




PORTUGAL – details to follow





CROATIA – details to follow

SLOVENIA – details to follow

Krishna McKenzie Bio

Founder of Solitude Farm, Auroville, South India
people food music 2018
Krishna McKenzie was born and educated in England. For the last 25 years he has been exploring and developing  permaculture, natural farming, local food, community, music and education in the international township of Auroville, South India.

Solitude Farm is an authentic example of Masanobu Fukuoka’s teachings, growing over 100 different edible plants, also consumed in the organic farm cafe, running an organic fruit and vegetable basket service, music festivals, events, social outreach works and diverse educational activities.

Krishna profoundly believes that the heart of the way back to nature simply involves returning all biomass to the fields, honouring all the gifts (edible and medicinal) that Mother Nature offers us, and bringing people together in celebration of our natural culture.


Contact us for more information.

If you’d love to contribute towards the cost of Krishna’s European Tour 2018 with his wife and 2 children please donate here

We invite all those interested in sponsoring to please contact us.





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