Community Circle Garden

People Food Music: The Genesis and Gratitude!

It seems like no better a way to approach life than through this – connecting people, food and music.

At Solitude farm, Permaculture is a reason for us to connect with people from various communities and help them understand that growing the food one eats is the most sustainable. People Food Music as an initiative stemmed out of this thought. This led us to looking around, not to very far, but at the villages around Auroville, in Tamil Nadu. We realized that sadly, even at this basic community structure, where food is grown, people are disconnected. They seem to have forgotten the methods of growing food organically and are influenced by the commercialization web of growing industrial crops.

How about if we could reach out the villages around us and help them reconnect with their methods, their food, and their music? Through the People Food Music Project, we intend to do this. Work with groups of people, various communities, reintroduce them to farming through Permaculture, farm with them, learn their traditional methods of cooking, introduce them to the methods we know, cook with them, eat with them and celebrate through music and art.

As we began interacting with groups of people from the villages around, we also thought we’d reach out to the larger community of people who can support us with this. That was by way of a fund raising campaign on Indiegogo. We were aspiring to raise $12K and we raised $9684 through a campaign that ended on January 1, 2016. We’d like to thank all of you who contributed to this campaign by supporting us with your money, by spreading the word or even making references.

We are now geared to taking the People Food Music Project to the villages around in Tamil Nadu and perhaps start making an impact to change amongst the communities there. The first will be the Third Circle Garden at Chinna Muddler Chavadi, a quaint tiny village near Auroville. More updates on that will follow, until then – Grow your own food, Cook local recipes and Celebrate life through the Kuthu Song…



Leonard on the Rock n’ Roll Circle Garden

It’s now about 8 weeks that I came to Solitude Farm, my new home for the next few month. After nearly seven years of lazy student lifestyle in the city of Vienna/Austria I finally had to follow this urge. I really feel that it is time for me to go back to my natural habitat, all our natural habitat / mother nature. After a warm welcome at Solitude I knew I had chosen the right place for me here in Auroville to be and learn and Krishnas integral vision where farming is one main aspect amongst others (social, environment, spirituality, creativity, …) spoke from my heart.

As first participant of Solitudes internship program I inherited the Rock’n Roll CircleGarden project which Krishna and Ananda – a german volunteer – started a few weeks before my arrival. …well and now it’s my turn to continue.

For those who don’t now what the Rock’n Roll CircleGarden is, here a short introduction:

I was really surprised after my arrival here, when I realized that Auroville still depends in such a high percentage on foodsources from outside and that growing healthy and naturally food is not amongst it’s main concerns. I know, Auroville is still a town in it’s development, it’s transforming day by day and as I see it, it’s everybodies responsibility (even of those who just stay for short term, like me) what it becomes. ….

So the idea behind the CircleGarden is to spread them all across Auroville to provide at least a part of peoples food. Not only with the aim of selfsufficiency in terms of food, but also to raise awarness about the importance of naturally grown food for peoples, societies and the planets health.

I see a very clear connection between culture and the way of producing and valuing food. That means, that farming is in fact a cultural act.

I personally would like to see a shift from the culture of mere consumption to a much wholesome way of common living, where a natural way of growing food should be a main goal.

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka (One Straw Revolution)


If you guys became interested in the activities at Solitude Farm or the CircleGardens in particular; (there will be a CircleGarden-Workshop) you should come to the LIVLY UP YOUR EARTH! ECO-MUSIC FESTIVAL! At Solitude Farm/Auroville the 29th of January.

–Leonhard Schaub