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Learn farming the organic way: Opportunities for Internships, Volunteering and WOOFing in Solitude Farm and Cafe

We are looking to create a tight knit group of committed and energetic enthusiastic people to learn and help manage, develop, and create the projects on Solitude Farm.

This is a unique experience to be a part of a project that is aiming to profoundly change the paradigm of man’s relationship to nature and where his food comes from, ecologically, economically, socially, culturally and inwardly.

Living and working on the farm will be a community experience. We need people with an abundance of creativity and vision along with an affection for this planet and all life on it!

Write to us if you resonate with this call.


Located in Pondicherry, near Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, India, Solitude Farm provides a space for learning for those serious about being immersed in working with the land. Unlike agricultural colleges,  for those who interested in learning organic farming, Solitude farm provides a fully immersion-based experiential training experience with Krishna. The pedagogy on Solitude Farm is a common-sense, observational learning, with a deep respect for the land and its people.

We welcome people of all ages to come and learn through the work we are doing at Solitude Farm. The foundation of all the activities we are doing is based in the permaculture and natural farming that takes place in the fields. We expect everyone who comes to get involved with this to a certain extent.

As well as the actual farm work, other areas of involvement are:

  • Solitude Farm Café
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Management
  • Nursery work
  • Events management
  • Logistics – transporting goods/food/tools between sites
  • HR/People management
  • Communications + Media

If you are looking to WWOOF, we ask people for a minimum commitment of one month as we feel that shorter stays don’t allow people to gain enough understanding of the project.

We ask for a financial contribution of 300 rupees per day (from Jan 2015 the contribution will be 350 rupees per day) and we expect participants to be fully involved in the farm activities. If you cannot afford that, write to us anyway and we can discuss.

We offer a delicious organic lunch from our café, simple accommodation, use of the community kitchen and of course this unique educational experience.

There are limited places without financial obligations for people who wish to make a longer commitment of 6 months or one year. There is a trial period of one month and depending upon the commitment and availability of resources we will be in a position to offer you a place for remaining five or 11 months.

Questions you may have:

What will I do when I am at Solitude Farm?
Harvesting, planting, mulching, nursery work, field preparation etc, work with the C.S.A. interact with the Auroville community, help in the Café, learn about local foods, permaculture, non-tillage experimentation, Fukuoka, permaculture, swim in the well!!!!

Where will I stay?
In the Dorm
In a capsule/hut
In the tree house

What is the time commitment?

We are looking for long term interns and volunteers from 6-12 months

What are the working hours

We work from 8 am to approx. 4.30 pm

Is Food provided?

We have a lunch Thali together at approx. 12.30 pm. You can use the fridge and kitchen provided to store your other food. There are food stores and restaurants nearby!

How do I get there?

We are approx. 30 minutes drive from Pondicherry or just over 3 hours drive from Chennai. Solitude Farm is located in the Auroville area.

Is there something special I should bring?
A sleeping bag can be good in the season between October to end of March. We provide blankets but personal things are sometimes preferred.
A rain coat in the rainy season ( October to End of December)
Torch light
Enthusiasm in bucket loads

Is there internet?
Yes there is a Wifi connection but sometimes it is erratic!

Why to pay?
This is an educational experience for your benefit. The contribution you offer goes to help maintain and develop the infrastructure of the farm, ( solar panels, pump, roofs, huts, irrigation system etc ) All things which are needed so that we can host you.

Is it a place for me?
If you are ready to dive into a very different experience and way of life. A hands on vision of social agriculture, that demands creativity, hard work, dynamism and enthusiasm. If you like living close to nature in community with people from diverse cultures and eating local organic food that you may harvest yourself from the field then YES!

To apply to stay as a farm volunteer at Solitude Farm, please send an introductory letter about yourself, your interests and your experience.  What do you hope to get out of your experience at Solitude Farm?  Email: